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Jamie Adams, LMT
Jamie Adams, LMT

Jamie is a licensed and insured massage therapist starting her seventh year of practice. Formerly a resident of Dallas, she relocated to Amarillo in March of 2018 with hopes of slowing down and opening her own business.

After spending a year working at a local high end spa, she finally took the leap and pursued her dreams of creating a heart centered business where she could help even more people suffering from chronic pain.

Her background is in clinical massage and after finishing school and obtaining her licence she spent the early years of her practice in apprenticeship under two senior therapists who helped her understand the delicate balance that exists within the human body. Here she learned not only how to "read" muscle tissue, but how to treat the body as a whole, find imbalances, and develop a treatment plan to include retraining muscle memory.

"Yoga teaches us we are bi-lateral creatures." These words of wisdom from my first mentor still resonate loud and clear. It amazes me how vastly different each individual client is and how I will never in my career give the same massage twice. My job as a massage therapist is this:
To first, listen to my client as he/she describes goals, concerns, and any other issues. And secondly, to intuitively listen to the muscles themselves during treatment in an effort to find the current pattern the muscles are following. Typical treatment would then involve creating a NEW and MORE BALANCED pattern that would promote ease of acute and chronic pains, increase circulation, and encourage a more natural alignment of the musculoskeletal system while using a variety of different techniques learned along the way.

I DO NOT believe in the old adage, "No pain, no gain," when it comes to massage. Quite the opposite in fact. I believe that pain is one of our body's most efficient ways of letting us know that something is wrong. While I want each of my client's to leave a session feeling like his/her concerns were addressed, it is very important to me that I do not send the client home with injuries from overworking muscles. And it is by listening to the feedback the muscles give me and NEVER working deeper than I am given permission that I have been able to do so.
It can be a challenge for sure, but in addition to the unique ways that I work, this is something that I take great pride in.

I am a teacher at heart and love to educate my clients and set them up with tools for success so that even between massages they are able to find relief. I would love to speak with you and learn more about what it is you are trying to gain through massage.

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Infinite love and gratitude,

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