By Appointment Only

Tue, Thu, Sat, & Sun.

90 Minutes

  • Best for clients with chronic issues as well as clients with more muscle mass. Helpful when addressing sciatica and other low back/low body issues. Also great for those looking for a more thorough treatment. Draping will be used/required at all time.

60 Minutes

  • One hour hands on full body or target session. For therapeutic purposes only. Recommended for new client assessment. Can address both chronic and acute pain as well as promote overall relaxation. Draping will be used/required at all times.

30 Minutes

  • Half hour hands on target session. For therapeutic purposes only. Great for treatment of migraines, TMJ, neck/shoulder pain, and for those short on time. Also recommended for those new to massage and looking for a quick way to relax and address upper body tension or treat another problem area. Draping will be used/required at all times.

Chair Massage

  • Available for on-site events and packages to promote corporate wellness. Priced by the hands on hour and can be purchased by individual sessions in increments of 5/10/15/20 minutes. 6'x8' space required. Call for customized quote.

In-Home Medical Massage

  • This service is solely available to qualified clients with chronic or acute medical issues that are either confined to bed rest, unable to travel, and/or need special accommodations. Call today for a free phone consultation to see if this service is right for you or your loved one. Discounted packages available for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly treatment plans (scheduling commitment required). Ask about our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Weekly Package: $170.00 (50% SAVINGS). Includes 4 one hour sessions.
  • Bi-weekly Package: $255.00 (25% SAVINGS) Includes 4 one hour sessions.
  • Monthly Package: $225.00 ($30 SAVINGS). Includes 3 one hour sessions.

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